It may be winter here in New Zealand, but in the northern hemisphere, the warmer months are just getting started, and Kiwi’s know it. Many are tempted by warmer weather and longer days will pack a suitcase, get on a plane and take the long flight (or even longer cruise) to one of the many fabulous overseas holiday destinations. After a few weeks of travelling, sight seeing and likely eating their weight in local cuisines, they return home bringing them wonderful memories of good times. What they may also bring back is Bed Bugs.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are tiny little insects that eat blood. The nymphs are translucent and about 1mm in length, whilst adults reach 5mm to 10mm and are brown in colour. They’re blood suckers that prefer humans but will bite other warm-blooded creatures as well when humans aren’t available, causing small bites that can itch. They leave evidence of themselves by way of shed body parts (called moults) and droppings, that are dark in colour.

Why are they a problem?

They were almost eradicated and made extinct in the last century, however they’ve had a massive resurgence, especially in the hotel industry, which has seen a 400% increase in Bed Bugs in recent years. They spread so quickly because of their size. Being so small, they get into your clothes, luggage and shoes undetected and can travel on those to your next destination, or worse, your home! A single breeding pair lead to an infestation of thousands in just months. The best way to stop them spreading is to be sure you don’t stay in any Hotel rooms with them!

Check for things that go Bite in the night!

Use our handy acronym to help you to remember where and how to check for Bed Bugs before you sleep a night at a Hotel. And remember, if you find Bed Bugs, immediately request another room!

All you need to remember is BUGS


Under the sheets and seams


Surrounding furniture


When you arrive in your room put your luggage in the bathroom, and if possible, into the bath. Bedbugs can’t climb ceramic, so it will keep your luggage safe whilst you do the check.

Under the sheets and in the seams

With your luggage safely stored, it’s time to check under the sheets. First, pull back the sheets and check on top of the mattress to see if there are signs of Bed Bugs. Remember, you’re looking for the bugs themselves, their moults or their droppings. If that’s clear, run a nail underneath the seam of the Mattress.



Check the ground around the bed. Bed Bugs don’t tend to stray further than a few metres from the source of food (you on the bed).

Surrounding furniture

Lastly, do a pass over any furniture in the surrounding area, particularly any furniture that’s upholstered. Pay attention to the seams and other hide holds.


If you’ve found signs of Bed Bugs, contact the manager and request a change of rooms immediately! They’ll need to be eradicated by a professional pest controller trained in removing bed bugs. Fortunately, Flick has certified and trained specialists to remove the bed bugs for you, whether your infestation is at home in a single room, or across multiple floors and hundreds of rooms. Contact us today on 13 14 40 to see how we can help!

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