Do you have bed bugs? Here are a few steps you can follow to keep your bed bugs from spreading before you can get an exterminator in to take care of the problem.

Are They Really Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs look a lot like many other bugs. They are small, quick, non-flying bugs that are about the size of an apple seed, oval, and brownish. After they have fed though, they are more round and less oval, and they take on a red colour. Bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs, but they look like dust, so they can be hard to identify. You may be able to identify them though their shed skin as bed bug nymphs shed.

Bed Bug Bites

Most people identify bed bugs through bed bug bites. Bed bugs bite people while people sleep. These little red bites can turn into itchy welts. They look similar to flea bites, but without a red spot in the center. In addition, flea bites tend to be around the ankles, while bed bugs can be over your whole body. You may also notice small blood stains on your bedding, dark bedbug excrement spots on your bedding or walls, or even a musty odour.

If You Think It Is Bed Bugs

If you think you have a bed bug infestation, the first thing you should do is remove your bedding. Look it over for signs of excrement, blood, or shedding skin. Look at the box spring; you may be able to see the bugs in the wood and underneath the fabric cover. Check the area around your bed, including places where bugs could hide eg. inside books, in electronics, in the electrical outlets, carpets, and the baseboards.

Steps to Slow the Spread

It is very hard to kill bed bugs with retail insecticides. You will probably need to call an exterminator to get rid of them. However, there are steps you can take to try to control or contain the problem.

  • Clean your fabrics in hot water and dry on high heat. This includes bedding, curtains, clothing, and linens. If you have items that you cannot wash but can place in the dryer on high heat, do that as well.
  • Get rid of clutter around your bed.
  • Scrub and vacuum mattress to remove eggs.
  • Vacuum your bed and surrounding area regularly. Immediately remove the vacuum cleaner bag, place it in a plastic bag, and place it outside.

If you suspect bed bugs, give us a call. Schedule an inspection and treatment, so we can help you fix your bed bug problem for good!

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