When winter is here, pests can become a serious problem. They love to come indoors where it is warm, especially if they can find a consistent source of food. That is why they love schools. With plenty of places to enter and exit, lots of nooks and crannies, and a steady source of food, schools are a great place for rodents. Unfortunately, rodent and pest control for schools can be complicated.

With children in the schools, you want to make sure that you do not use any type of toxic chemicals that children could access. That means that using many traditional baits is not on the table. Instead, you want to focus on safe pest control for childcare centres and schools. That may mean using Flick’s SMART pest control system, electronic traps, and other innovative pest control techniques.

While many pests can invade local schools, generally rodents are the main pest problem. At Flick, we focus on exclusion, prevention, and extermination. We offer programs that work well for small schools or larger schools. We can also scale them to respond to large or small pest problems.

School dining cockroaches control

Of course, rodents are not the only school pest issue. Schools can also have some other serious issues. For example, cockroaches can be a big problem. Like rodents, cockroaches like to hide in nooks and crannies and are attracted to places with consistent supplies of food and water. Just the little crumbs children leave can be enough to sustain a huge army of cockroaches. Unfortunately, they also spread disease, so it is important to eliminate them from your schools.

Fleas are another alarming pest. These fleas can cause painful bites and feed on the blood of the students. It is a nasty proposition, but it can be very difficult to eradicate them when school is in session. Instead, we suggest working with your carpet cleaners. We treat the pests like fleas and then they clean to get rid of eggs and carcasses.

Most importantly, we use chemicals that are safe to use around children. With decades of testing, they are proven safe to use around children. In a school, nothing is more important than the safety of the children. So, contact Flick with your rodent and pest control questions and help keep your schools pest-free.

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