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    Cockroaches can be best removed from your home with Flick. Our local cockroach pest control experts offer secure and reliable cockroach solutions throughout New Zealand. One of the oldest and most dreaded insects in the world is the cockroach. In New Zealand, there are many cockroach species, just 5 of which are typical household pests. They are virtually indestructible. Cockroaches, which are cold-blooded, are active in the summer and flourish in warm, moist places like kitchens, attics, and bathrooms.

    Cockroach pest control

    Commercial Pest Solutions

    Integrated Pest Management Solutions

    In order to ensure a pest-free environment for commercial workplaces and buildings, our Integrated Pest Management program includes the most recent technology with an emphasis on prevention and tackling the core causes of pest problems. Our solutions are specifically designed to proactively avoid insect infestations and to minimize their effects and risks. To provide you with the best in pest management, we combine customised multifaceted solutions with our most cutting-edge digital pest technology and our highly trained, skilled team of professionals. So, let us develop a personalised plan for your business.

    SMART Digital Pest Control

    Our SMART Pest Control is a user-friendly digital pest control system that monitors your business by automatically detecting rodents, cockroaches, and moths. SMART technology will continuously monitor rodent activities. When activity is detected, the technology reacts immediately, records it, and generates a report while capturing rats safely and sustainably. For comprehensive, integrated protection against all significant pests, combine SMART automation with our standard pest control services.

    Common Cockroach Questions

    1. How long can cockroaches survive without food?

      Cold-blooded insects called cockroaches can go one month without eating. They are typically found in bathrooms and kitchens and are drawn to damp sinks at night since they can only go one week without water.

    2. What’s the best way to kill a cockroach?

      It’s generally tough to eradicate cockroaches. They can survive without a head for a week! They will eventually pass away since they are unable to consume water without a mouth and become dehydrated. Additionally, they can hold their breath underwater for up to 40 minutes. Calling a qualified pest control exterminator like Flick is the best approach to get rid of a cockroach infestation.

    3. Are German cockroaches the most difficult to get rid of?

      Yes, as a result of this, DIY pest control approaches hardly eliminate a German cockroach infestation; instead, a professional is needed to evaluate the situation and develop a treatment strategy. Multiple treatments could be necessary to ensure that the breeding cycle is broken.

    4. What are the signs of a cockroach infestation?

      Cockroaches are active at night. If you see them during the day, there is a serious issue! Otherwise, keep an eye out for poop in drawers and on counters. They resemble coffee grounds and can also leave behind stains in the corners as well as a musty, greasy smell.

    5. Are all breeds of cockroaches considered pests?

      No! Over 500 species, which are a crucial component of our local ecology, are reported by National Geographic to exist. They create complex burrows in semi-arid areas. Because of its gorgeous, vibrant colours, the bush cockroach is also known as the Mardi Gras cockroach.

    Common Cockroach Species

    German Cockroach


    The little, pale brown, two-streaked German cockroach. are equipped with wings but rarely use them. Dimensions between 12 and 16 millimetres. Chewing mouthparts.


    The German cockroach is a very active insect that can be found in any metropolitan homes. They thrive in warm, damp places and take shelter in holes and cracks. Scavengers who eat anything, albeit they have a taste for fermented foods. Glue and soiled laundry have been found in the stomachs of these creatures. The spread of illness and the aggravation of asthma.


    Although nocturnal, a big infestation might let you to notice them during the day. As a result of their rapid life cycle and numerous offspring, they are able to rapidly increase their numbers. This means that they are likely to develop chemical resistance through “selection.”

    Australian Cockroach


    The typical length of an adult Australian cockroach is 30-35 mm. They are totally covered by their wings, which are a dark reddish brown and feature yellow stripes.


    Scavengers by nature, Australian cockroaches feed mostly on decomposing organic vegetable debris. Although starchy materials like book bindings are also a possible food source. Anxiety-inducing secretions may have an effect on some people when they are present. Their waste products, like as cast skins and empty egg casings, can potentially contaminate food and cooking utensils.


    The Australian cockroach is nocturnal, although in hot conditions it may glide or fly to a cooler location. They thrive in the great outdoors, namely in damp, decaying environments like woodpiles, under the bark of trees, and in compost piles. Potential to break into houses and conceal themselves in dark places. Strong preference for tropical climates.

    American Cockroach


    It’s important to note that the American cockroach is significantly bigger, measuring in at 35–40mm. They have a reddish brown colour with white markings on the thorax and towards the head. Their huge wings also protect their abdomen.


    The American cockroach is a scavenger that eats almost anything, but its favourite food is decomposing organisms. The average adult can last around three months without eating, provided they have access to water, and about a month without either food or water. Books and clothes are fair game, and they have a sweet tooth. Because of the sugar in alcohol, they are drawn to it.


    The American cockroach is nocturnal yet can glide well when it flies. To get food, they’ll go far from their nesting grounds. Before they mature, their young (nymphs) have a greyish brown colour. Breed like crazy and have a lifespan of up to two years. inhabit any city and thrive in hot, humid climates. frequently spend time outdoors in milder climates and indoors in colder ones.

    Oriental Cockroach


    The Oriental Cockroach is usually a shiny black or dark reddish brown. The male is around 25mm with wings, while the female reaches approx. 32mm and is wingless.


    The oriental cockroach will consume almost everything, though it has a particular fondness for rubbish and decaying vegetation. They need water constantly, and can’t last more than two weeks without it. Because of this, you’ll often find swarms of them gathering around rivers and lakes. They may spread bacteria and germs throughout a home and look terrible doing it.


    Oriental cockroaches, both male and female, lack the ability to fly. They spend most of their time outside, primarily in sewers and under piles of trash and leaves. They sneak into homes during the warmer months of the year from their subterranean nesting spots. Crawling around the bathroom or kitchen plumbing, ducting, or the underside of a sink is a common way to find their hiding places.

    Adult Smoky Brown Cockroach


    Nearly 38 millimetres in length, adult Smoky Brown cockroaches are big and winged. They blend in with the leaf and litter thanks to their glossy, uniform black and mahogany colouring.


    Those who have never seen enormous, flying cockroaches before are generally terrified by these bugs. They prefer warmer climates; therefore, you can find them strolling the streets at night in quest of food. They can spread germs on surfaces and cause asthma attacks or allergic reactions.


    The Smoky Brown cockroach can enter the house through an open window or door, through a crack, or through another opening like other cockroaches since it can fly well. They like to gather in basements and on the bottom floor, where they are drawn to exposed waste, sewers, and areas with standing water.

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