Discreet bird solutions

Introduced bird species like the feral pigeon have settled in urban areas, wreaking havoc on native species and ruining storefronts with their excrements. In addition, birds can choose to nest in roof voids and spread mites, parasites, and harmful bacteria, risking the health and safety of the employee and business visitors. Our bird control services ensure that your business is protected from pest birds with solutions that blend in seamlessly with the architecture and design of the building.

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How do bird control inspections work?

Our focus is to secure buildings or specific areas by using different methods to prevent birds from settling down or from finding areas where they can build nests. Our professionally trained pest technicians will inspect the common bird hot spots, including nearby statues, balconies, signs, vehicles, and facades. We’ll look into existing bird activity and locate any nests found on your premises. Once a thorough inspection has been conducted, our technician can prepare a tailor-made bird solution compromising of our various bird proofing tactics.

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How methods are used to control birds?

Our bird solutions effectively remove birds from your premises with the intention of causing no physical harm to the offending birds. To tailor to different species and bird problems, we offer a variety of bird control solutions that protect your premises from damage to both structure and reputation. We employ one or more of the following methods:

  • Acoustic pressure – a high-frequency tone is used to deter birds, perfect for open spaces
  • Bird in Building – trapping the bird if it has entered your building
  • Daddi Long Legs – thin stainless rods deter birds from sitting or nesting
  • Eagle Eye System – refracts/reflects sunlight to frighten birds in open spaces
  • Netting – stops birds from entering certain spaces using U.V. resistant netting
  • Shock System – high voltage shock system that does not harm birds
  • Spikes – spikes prevent birds from perching or nesting
  • Tension Wire – thin wires prevent birds landing on ledges/window sills
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Professional vs DIY Pest Control

Our Bird Proofing is a service integrating efficient methods and customised solutions which stop birds from settling on or entering buildings through openings in facades. DIY bird control consists of a lot of physical labour and costly materials. In addition, we can ensure that our bird control solutions are designed to protect the structural integrity of your building. This is ideal for commemorative statues, cultural heritage buildings, and establishments. Calling Flick Anticimex to tackle your bird problem means you’ll be saving yourself from the physical and monetary troubles.

After Treatment Tips

  • 01
    Discourage customers from feeding birds leftover foods

  • 02
    Install gutter guards to keep birds from nesting

  • 03
    Eliminate any other food sources, like nearby fruit trees etc.