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    Possum protection you can rely on

    Possums are proven pests of New Zealand, spreading dangerous diseases like bovine Tb (tuberculosis), wreaking havoc on natural flora, and also threatening the safety of native species like kōkako, weta, land snails, and kākāriki birds. Flick Anticimex is working towards reducing the damage possums have caused in New Zealand. Protect our natural wildlife and your home from possum damage. Entrust your Flick Anticimex technician to use new generation baits and traps to assist in the eradication of possums from New Zealand shores.

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    How do possum inspections work?

    We first conduct a home inspection to identify all the points through which the possum is gaining entry to your home and then seal all of them with materials designed to be possum-proof to ensure the animals can no longer enter the house. Temporary one-way doors can be installed so possums cannot re-enter once they exit, and cages set up to trap the animals and then remove them. Our methods are designed to be as stress-free as possible for both you and the possums.

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    What methods are used to control possums?

    Our most reliable possum control method is through the use of spring-loaded traps. Made of a durable plastic, our trap is developed to be safe to use around homes. Possums are lured through the use of natural baits (like apples) or specially formulated baits, whereupon placing their head inside a groud shaped hole will have their neck stricken cutting off its oxygen circulation. Our technicians are also happy to attend to any possum carcasses when called. 

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    Professional vs DIY Pest Control

    Many New Zealanders decide to take possum control into their own hands. However, professional possum control is perfect for those who are not knowledgeable in possum control, are squirmish when handling pests, and simply want to entrust the protection of their home to professional pest controllers. 

    Our technicians are trained in possum removal and work according to New Zealand Standards. 

    After Treatment Tips

    • 01
      Create natural sprays, like chilli spray, to use on plants

    • 02
      Clean pet food bowls regularly

    • 03
      Repair and cover holes in roof void and home exterior