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It's crucial to take preventative measures against common household pests like cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, spiders, fleas, flying insects, bed bugs, bird control, and termites as they could cause thousands of dollars in property damage and put your family's health at danger. It is necessary to take measures to prevent pests from entering the home at all times of the year. In order to keep unwanted visitors out of your home, our qualified professional technicians will first determine the source of the problem.

For more than a century, we have been protecting New Zealand homes. Count on us to keep you home pest and germ free.

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    Common Pests


    The DIY ant control bottles and kits should be thrown. According to your needs, Flick Anticimex provides comprehensive and precise ant control solutions. Learn about the ant-repelling methods we use as well as the five best strategies for keeping ants away after treatment.

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    Cockroaches, one of the most disliked pests, are a source of discomfort and irritation for many people. You should think about a permanent cockroach cure if you want to get rid of them. Flick Anticimex provides an effective range of roach-killing techniques!

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    Infestations of rats and mice pose a significant threat to human health and property. Getting help from experts in rodent control is the best option. Get the details on our rodent bait and station options today.

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    Spiders are an essential component of our environment. But there are a few spider species that can be dangerous to people. Avoid letting deadly spiders into your house.

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    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs are a widespread problem that need professional extermination to be completely removed from your house. Learn about our bed bug remedies to keep your house scratch-free.

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    Because they frequently belong to the Stored Product Insect Family, beetles can become a problem in your house. Your food may become contaminated as a result, rendering it unsafe for human consumption. Treatment necessitates a customised strategy appropriate for the particular species being faced.

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    New Zealand is home to a variety of wood-boring beetles known as borers. Borers are beetles that, in their larval stage, cause damage to wood or timber and should not be confused with termites.

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    Treat fleas to protect the family pet from irritation and illness. Experts in flea removal, Flick Anticimex is a name you can trust. We have effective treatments for fleas that will keep your loved ones and pets safe from illness.

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    Mosquitoes in New Zealand can spread a number of serious human diseases, such as dengue fever. Mosquitoes' constant biting, which can result in allergic reactions, can also significantly interrupt daily living and social interactions. Use our Flying Insect Control (FIC) solutions to give mosquitoes the Flick.

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    Borer Solutions

    Prevent Potential Damage to Your Home

    Borers prefer wet wood, such as that found in the subflooring of a home. Avoid having timber borers by making sure the area is sufficiently aired and all leaks are sealed. The lack of sunshine on the south side of a building makes it more vulnerable to borer infestation. Inspect the wood for rot, especially if this side of the house tends to retain moisture. Before bringing that new piece of antique or used furniture into your home, be sure there are no worm holes in it. Learn more about borers.

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    Wasp Control

    Wasp Nest Removal Service in New Zealand

    Wasps can be aggressive and have a painful sting. Wasps prefer to nest in visible areas on properties, such as doorways and walls under eaves, where they can easily come into contact with humans on a sunny day. If you suspect a wasp nest on your property, call Flick instead of risking a painful sting.

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