Cockroaches are often one of the most hated household pests. They can cause quite a commotion, especially when you have flying cockroaches coming at you.

Freaked Out by Flying Cockroaches?

Some pests are considered serious threats because of the damage they do or the diseases they spread. Other pests are problematic because of their creep factor. Flying cockroaches combine the two. Cockroaches are a known vector for disease. They can contaminate food sources and cause allergies, so they are dangerous pests. A flying cockroach is no more dangerous than other cockroaches, but since they will fly at people, they seem that much more threatening.

New Zealand has hundreds of species of cockroaches. Some of them have come from other locations, but we now consider them native to New Zealand. There are six types of cockroaches who are problematic for people in New Zealand. They include the German, Smokey Brown, Oriental, Australian, Brown-banded, and American cockroaches. There are other types of cockroaches, but they rarely come inside homes. Of those six, four of them fly. They are the Australian, American, Brown-banded, and Smokey Brown. Whatever type of cockroach we are discussing, they carry diseases.

When you think of flying insects, you probably think of ones that are primarily flyers. Mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and flies are all proficient fliers. Cockroaches do not fly that well. Roaches do not fly long distances, though they can go for longer stretches if they start out higher. Flight is also one of their survival instincts. They are more likely to fly if you corner them. If they have a way to escape without flying at you, they will probably take it.

While these flying roaches are intimidating, you are not very likely to encounter them. Most of them live outside. However, they can venture into your home. Some come inside on purpose, searching for food or water. Others get into your home accidentally. Even if you do encounter them, they will probably be crawling. Flying is not their preferred mode of transport.

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