The last thing you want is for your office to have pests. They have a huge negative impact on every aspect of your business. They can spread disease, they annoy customers, and they contribute to a bad work environment. Here are some reasons it is so important to take care of pest control in your office.

Financial Loss Due To Pests

Pests can contaminate your stored products. Whether they are rodents or insects, they will try to find a way to get into your things. Rodents can chew through all types of packaging and get into your products. Even if you manage to keep them out, they can leave waste products all over the exterior of your packaging, which can ruin your products. Insects can get into many products, making them unusable. That causes direct financial loss for you. It can also lead to emergencies, when you go to retrieve supplies or products and find that they are contaminated.

Pests scare your customers. First, many people have extreme reactions to insects and rodents. While they may not be disturbed by a fly or two, people have visceral negative responses to bugs like cockroaches and to seeing rodents. So, if they see them in your office, they may immediately leave. Even customers who are not frightened may be disgusted. They may choose not to do business with you.

Health Problems Due To Pests

Pests can spread disease. The reason people have a visceral response to insects and rodents is because they are linked to the spread of disease. If you have pests in the workplace, you increase the risk that your workers and customers will get sick. In addition to actual illnesses, some pests are linked to allergies, so people may feel ill in your office.

Treating Pests In The Office

However, treating pests in the office space can be difficult. You need a treatment plan that does not disrupt your work, protects workers and customers from toxins, and is unobtrusive.

Fortunately, Flick has a solution for you. With our SMART system, we offer a discrete, effective, and toxin-free solution for your pests. Our tiny monitoring systems can fit in places where pests love to hide, letting you see where pests are hiding before they become an infestation. We respond by placing traps in those locations, so we can focus pest control in high-risk areas. We use local foods and non-toxic baits to attract pests, so you can use them safely in your workplace.

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