Springtime means flying insects come out in force. These insects can make being outside unpleasant. Fortunately, Flick has plenty of solutions to help eliminate your flying insect problem.

Different Kinds of Flying Insects

Of course, not all spring insects are the same. All insects play a critical role in the environment. However, some are even more important. Pollinators, like bees, are extremely important to the human food chain. Bees can swarm in springtime as new queens look to establish their own hives. Generally, bees are not harmful to humans. However, they can damage property and they are a risk for people with allergies. If you have a bee issue, we suggest removing the hive, when possible, instead of extermination.

Wasps are another pollinator. However, unlike bees, wasps are not in danger. In addition, wasps are often more dangerous to people. They are more aggressive than most bees. They can also sting people multiple times. Wasps also damage property. Many people choose to eliminate wasps, not relocate them.

Butterflies are another spring insect. Most people enjoy seeing butterflies and few people consider them a pest. They are important pollinators. When you are targeting flying insects in your garden, you may want to take steps to ensure that butterflies are still safe.

Just like the pollinators, flies serve an important role in the ecosystem. However, they are abundant, and they are very annoying pests. They can carry diseases, they try to land on your food, and they vomit when they land. Many people target flies when targeting outdoor pests.

Of course, the biggest outdoor pest for most people is the mosquito. They start to show up in springtime, though they reach peak population in summer. They cause painful and itchy bites. Even more alarming, they can transmit very serious diseases. In fact, the mosquito is the deadliest animal to humans in history.

Pest Control Options to Manage Flying Insects

Exclusion is one of the best ways to avoid flying pests in the spring. Get rid of breeding areas for annoying pests like mosquitos and flies by eliminating standing water and securing garbage. Encourage helpful flying insects like butterflies and bees with a pollinator garden.

If lifestyle remedies are not enough, contact Flick. We offer a range of outdoor pest control options. Our Flying Insect Control Units are designed to control flying insects in indoor areas. They come in a range of sizes. The Osprey is our smallest model, perfect for smaller areas. The Peregrine covers larger areas and tough conditions. The Kingfisher can be mounted in different positions and work well in wet industrial environments. The Harrier is a double-sided model for our toughest uses. Worried that dust means you cannot use one of our systems? Have no fear, the Flick 150EX works well in areas with a danger of gas or dust explosions.

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