Who takes care of the pests?

Are you a tenant trying to decide who is responsible for end-of-lease pest control? Legislation can be difficult to interpret and there is uncertainty about who is responsible for pest control during a tenancy. Generally, landlords are responsible for providing tenants with a pest-free property at the beginning of the lease, and tenants are responsible for some aspects of pest control while they are living in the property. However, the specific lease agreement will state the responsibilities for both the landlord and tenant in regards to pest control. Check with your management agent for legislation rules. 

Most lease agreements define who is responsible for handling pest control issues. The default in these agreements seems to be that landlords are responsible for managing pest control, but if a tenant has pets, they are responsible for flea treatments both during the tenancy and at the end of the lease. If you are a pet owner reaching the end of your lease, you should plan to schedule a flea fumigation service.

Tenants also have a responsibility to help keep pests at bay so that an infestation can be prevented, including proper food storage and maintaining a clean household. If a tenant fails to take these precautionary steps and creates a pest-friendly environment, the tenant should have the premises fumigated at the end of the lease, even if there were no pets on the property. Flick will provide tenants with a certificate that states you have had the property treated for pests, which you can provide to your landlord to show that you have complied with end-of-lease pest control requirements.

Landlords can take steps to protect themselves and their investment property. These steps can include placing pest control clauses into rental agreements when a renter has pets, treating ongoing pest issues promptly and thoroughly, and inspecting the premises at the beginning and end of a lease to ensure that each new rental period begins in a pest-free premises.

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We can help landlords protect their property from pests by providing reliable pest control at the beginning, during and end of lease periods. We can help tenants by providing ongoing pest control services throughout the lease as well as end of lease services, particularly tenants who are pet owners. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, rely on Flick for your pest control needs.

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