Winter is when pests head inside buildings, looking for warmth, water, and shelter. While you can use exclusion to keep many pests outside, the reality of commercial buildings is that open doors often provide opportunities for pests to enter. How do you keep a few pests from turning into an infestation? Early detection. Flick’s SMART system gives you a way to look into hidden nooks and crevices, letting you spot pests before they can become a problem.

24/7 Remote Surveillance: Detect Blind Spots

One of the biggest benefits of the SMART system is that it provides surveillance in hidden areas. The sensors are small and can be placed in hidden areas, which are difficult to visually inspect. This gives us a chance to spot pests while they are still in hiding. After all, by the time you see most pests or even evidence of them, you already have a serious pest problem. The sensors also provide 24/7 surveillance. They report back everything to a central hub, so that we can use that information to custom-tailor your pest control.

Sustainable Solution: Non-Toxic Traps

One of the biggest challenges of modern pest control is sustainability. While toxic pesticides and rodenticides may be very effective, they have a negative environmental impact. They can also create dangers for your employees and customers. Our non-toxic traps prevent this type of contamination, killing pests without creating other dangers.

Avoid Costly Problems

The biggest benefit of the SMART system is that it helps you avoid costly problems. Infestations can be expensive. Many people think of pest issues in terms of the costs of extermination. However, remediation from pests can also be expensive. Pests can destroy products and supplies, especially in food storage and food service facilities. They can create tremendous damages; rodents can chew up items and wires, creating a fire hazard. They can also cause damage with feces and waste, requiring people to replace or repair items.

Easy Reporting- HACCP Compliant

If your business handles food, it needs to be HACCP compliant. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is an approach designed to keep food safe from biological, chemical, and physical hazards during the production process. Many types of pest control can violate HACCP standards, but Flick’s SMART system allows you to implement an HACCP compliant process.

Peace of Mind is One of the Best Reasons to get SMART Pest Control

One of the best things about Flick’s SMART system is that it lets you relax. We handle everything, from placing the sensors to customizing the system as we get more information. We empty the traps and replace them, so that you do not have to handle anything. You can relax, knowing that Flick is on the job.

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