Sometimes as a homeowner it can feel like you are under the constant risk of invasion. Pests, both insects and rodents, have a way of finding the smallest crack and working their way into your home. Whether you see one of them or only catch tell-tale evidence that they have been there, the feeling is one of frustration. You know that you have to deal with the problem before it turns into an infestation, but no one wants to spend the money or the time it takes to tackle a pest problem. By looking out for the first signs of these top 5 common household pests, you can reduce the time and effort it will take to control any potential pest problems.

  1. Ants. In many instances, ants may seem like an annoying, but harmless pest. You may see ants in bathrooms or kitchens, near water sources, and in food supplies. However, while they may mean you have to throw out food or clean surfaces, you may not think of them as damaging. However, unchecked ant populations can actually lead to significant damage to your home. In addition, ants provide a warning that pests can get into your home and are often the first pest that homeowners notice before an infestation by more damaging pests.
  2. Cockroaches. Like rodents, cockroaches can leave visible droppings that can help you detect them even before you see them. However, many cockroach infestations are noticed when you flip on a light after dark and see a roach or roaches scurrying away from the light.
  3. Bed Bugs. While other pests may be a more noticeable problem, bed bugs are one of the most devastating types of pests that can invade a home. Unlike other invaders, these nasty little bugs do not make their way into your home through cracks or crevices, but usually hitchhike on clothing and luggage after travelling. Once in a home, they are notoriously difficult to eliminate, resisting almost all DIY extermination efforts, and spreading quickly through the soft surfaces of your home. They are also difficult to detect. Incredibly small, bed bugs are rarely spotted. Instead, people spot evidence of their damage, in the form of small bites that appear when someone is sleeping or sitting on soft surfaces.
  4. Rodents. Whether you suspect rats or mice, the initial signs of a rodent infestation are often the same. Rodent droppings, oil streaking along walls and baseboards, and evidence that food or packaging has been nibbled are some common tell-tale signs of rodents. You should also keep an ear out for unusual sounds- rodents can be heard scrambling in walls and attics. Of course, you might also spot a rodent, but you should be aware that once you actually see rodents they probably have unseen friends in other places in your home. A rodent inspection should not only look for signs of rodents in your home, but also look for their entry points and focus on exclusion.

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