There are many pest control businesses on the market, but how do you pick the right one? Find out how you can choose the right pest control provider for your home by reading below!

Be smart and choose a licensed pest controller!

All pest control providers should have the basic licenses to handle and apply pest control chemicals; this includes both pest control technicians and trainees. If you overlook this important detail, you could be putting your home and health at risk!  

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential pest control company the following questions:

  • How long have they been in the business?
  • What certifications does their business have/licenses do the technicians have?

Transparency and warranties

Before booking a pest control treatment, ask the company the following questions:

  • What are some pre and post-treatment actions to take?
  • What warranty do they offer for their different services?
  • What customer care process is in place if I’m unhappy with the service?

If the company fails to do so or are secretive with their information, this might be a bad sign. The conditions which provide you with a guarantee for their work is also important. Find out what you must do to uphold the warranty.

Insurance and damage cover

Accidents happen. Any pest control company is vulnerable to making mistakes on the job, but what’s important is how they deal with the damage that was done to property and/or possessions. So, don’t forget to ask them:

  • What happens in the event of damage to property/possessions?
  • What insurance can you provide?

Word of mouth

Ask around. Talk to friends, neighbours or family who have dealt with this company before. Don’t forget to check online for customer reviews, like on Google, Facebook etc.

Beware of these pest control companies…

While many people look for companies with the lowest prices, lowest prices don’t guarantee quality services. Beware of pest control providers who:

  • Are misleading or deceptive in their advertising/promotions (e.g. bash other companies, use the name of a bigger pest control provider to attract customers, etc.)
  • Are known for ‘unconscionable conduct’ e.g. not properly explaining terms and conditions to non-English speakers, target elders and infirm persons, not providing enough time to read agreements, etc.
  • Ensure one pest control treatment will solve all your pest problems

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