The reality of living in Australia is that you will encounter spiders! Thankfully most spiders are harmless, even when you are bitten. Most spider bites, while painful, stay localised and can be dealt with by simply applying an icepack.

That being said, Australia is home to some of the deadliest spiders in the world (i.e. the Sydney funnel-web and the Mouse Spider). The infographic below can help you remember how to treat a deadly spider bite until medical professionals arrive.


How to treat a spider bite infographic

*Source St John’s (2018). Spider Bites. [image]

The best way to stop a spider bite though is prevention. If you are worried about a potential spider problem in your home or business, call Flick on 13 14 40 or get a fast and free quote online here.

Feel free to print this infographic and use it as a poster in your home or workplace. You can find a high-resolution version of the “HOW TO TREAT A SPIDER BITE” infographic for download here.

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