For many winter brings memories of being inside, under a warm blanket tucked-in to stave off the cold. Often around an open fire or heater to bathe in the radiant warmth. We aren’t alone in this though as pets love to curl up by a heat source, whether it’s gas heater or with their loving owner. During the winter months, pets are brought inside more to protect them from the cold, and whilst fleas are most active in the warmer months, the increased time pets spend inside can corelate to an increase in fleas being found in the home. It’s important then to have a heightened vigilance around fleas in the colder months to prevent them from gaining a foothold in your home.

The proof is in the blood-pudding

Fleas are blood suckers and the most obvious sign is after they’ve had a meal. They leave small red marks with a red halo in the centre. The marks may be itchy and in some cases sore. The bites may be clustered at the waist, armpits, chest or in the folds of the elbow and knees. They may also appear in groups or in a straight line. Bites can be harder to see underneath a pet’s fur, but constant scratching by your pet is a good sign that something more serious might be going on.

Catch them with your socks on!

Of course, the sure-fire way of confirming an infestation is finding an actual Flea. This is much harder, as they are extremely small, measuring only 1.5mm to 3.5mm across. Catching some is easier than it sounds. Grab a pair of white socks, the whiter the better. Put them on and go stand where you think you might have fleas. Now rub your feet on the ground for about a minute. The heat generated by the rubbing will attract fleas to the socks, causing them to jump onto the socks. Now, carefully take the socks (you don’t want any fleas you’ve caught to fall off onto other furniture!) off and inspect! It should be clear if you have fleas, as they’re black bodies will show up against the white sock.

Did you find Fleas?

Did your test show that you have Fleas? Then you’re going to need a professional to help eradicate them. Fortunately, Flick can treat your home for Fleas and eradicate the itchy biters from your home. Give us a ring on 0800 710 010 for a free Flea quote today and stop Fleas from invading your home!

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