No customers like to see pests on a premises, and the presence of pests like cockroaches and moths can even threaten the safety of your commercial establishment. However, while you want to get rid of these pests, you also have to be concerned about the impact that pest control methods will have on your property. Toxic pesticides are not safe to use in every area of a business and may be particularly dangerous in those areas that are most likely to attract pests, like commercial kitchens. Fortunately, there are safe and effective non-toxic ways to control your pest problem.

The Science Behind SMART

Flick Pest Control uses an innovative SMART Sense solution for your insect problems. Our SMART system constantly monitors for pests so that you do not have to. How does it do it? By detecting small temperature changes that signal the presence of moths or cockroaches. When pests are detected, the system releases a pheromone that is specifically designed to attract these two common types of pest. They are attracted to the SMART trap. Inside the trap, a glue trap keeps the insects in place. This not only keeps your premises free of live moths and cockroaches but also keeps you from having to deal with their bodies.


The SMART Sense can be used for both moths and cockroaches. Mounted on a wall, the system is at moth height and is great for attracting these flying pests. Mounted on the floor, they are better able to attract and eradicate cockroaches.
The systems are great for maintaining a bug-free premises and work best when used after an extermination or with other preventative measures. That is why Flick professionals will do a thorough examination of your premises before installing SMART Sense stations. We will look for any current infestations, point out things that could be attracting pests, tell you how to remedy those issues, and strategically place the SMART Sense stations.

Always on the Lookout

Another benefit of the SMART system is that it provides constant monitoring in a non-invasive way. The SMART stations monitor for the potential presence of those pests. Using that data and the evidence of moths and cockroaches from the glue traps, Flick can make sure that there is no increase in pest activity, and, if there is, take steps to halt the problem before it can develop into an infestation. Non-toxic, non-invasive, constant pest monitoring; another SMART pest control solution from Flick.

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