We all know that insects are worse when the weather starts to get warmer. However, you may not know why insects get worse in warmer weather. To understand it, it is important to understand a little more about insects.

Why Insects Get Worse in Warmer Weather

Insects are cold-blooded animals. Some people think that being cold-blooded means that their blood cools their bodies. However, what cold-blooded actually means is that the animal does not create its own body heat. Instead, they get their body heat from their surroundings. So, as outside temperatures drop, so do the body temperatures of insects. This can lead to hibernation or mass die-offs, depending on the type of insect.

From a pest-control perspective, that also means that colder temperatures may drive insects indoors. In fact, just like other pests, insects often seek out indoor warmth. However, they may stay hidden. You may not notice them until it starts to warm up in the spring and these pests that have hidden indoors over the season, begin to reemerge.

If cold weather causes insects to become less active, then warm weather encourages them to be active. Cold temperatures can literally keep bugs from jumping, hopping, or flying. When temperatures warm up, they can move around.

How This Affects Your Home

As bugs get more active, so do their metabolisms. That has a number of effects, but the most noticeable one for us may be that insects need to eat more when it is warm. They can destroy your garden, woods, and materials in your home.

In addition to getting hungrier, insects also get more driven to reproduce. For most insects, their reproductive rates will increase as temperatures increase. So, you naturally see more and more insects as it gets warmer, and that does not stop until it begins to get too cold for insects to thrive.

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