While it may not be New Zealand’s most dangerous spider, the white tail spider can be dangerous. New Zealand has two species of white tail spiders, which were brought from Australia. They are hunting spiders, not webspinners, so they actively search for their prey. Interestingly enough, they feed on other spiders.

What do white tail spiders look like?

As their name suggests, they have white on them. In fact, a better term would be a white back spider since they have white spots on their abdomens, above their spinners. Their bodies are red to gray, and their legs are red or orange.

Where do white tail spiders live?

White tails naturally live outside. They usually live in bark, logs, and leaf litter. If they come into your home, they will seek a similar environment, so you can expect them to hide in clothes, shoes, and bedding.

What are the symptoms of a white tail spider bite?

White tail spider bites can be painful. You may experience burning, swelling, itching, and pain. While they are annoying, they generally do not cause serious side effects. However, some people may get headaches and feel nauseous and tired. You should seek medical attention if your symptoms are bad or if they continue to get worse. While white tail spider bites can become ulcerated, that is from infection, not venom. You can look at white tail bite photos to see different ways the bites can appear.

Are white tail spider bites fatal?

No. While the venom can cause painful bites, they are not fatal. It is possible that the infection from a bite could become severe and ultimately life-threatening. So, you want to get medical care as soon as possible if your symptoms are getting worse.

How big are white tail spiders?

White tails are medium-sized spiders. Their adult size is from 12mm for males to 18 mm for females.

Will white tail spiders eat all of the other spiders in the house?

They will certainly try. Of course, once they eliminate all the other spiders, you are still stuck with the white tails. So, we encourage you to schedule a consultation so that we can tailor an extermination plan for you.

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