Everyone loves looking at birds – from a distance. Up close, these beautiful animals can become a serious nuisance. Their waste is acidic, which can lead to surface corrosion. Not only this, but a large number of birds can also lead to a large amount of waste which is unsightly and can make your home or business appear dirty, even if regularly removed. Bird waste can carry diseases, also making it a health hazard. Finally, many people have a fear of birds, especially in groups. The mere presence of a large number of birds can discourage people from entering your business which is why bird proofing is essential!

DYI Bird Proofing Methods Won’t Eliminate your Issue

You have probably seen plenty of DIY approaches for reducing or eliminating the number of birds around your business. Some of them are effective, while others are not effective at all. If you have a minor bird nuisance problem, there is no harm in trying them before hiring professional help for your bird exclusion. However, none of these DIY solutions get rid of large numbers of birds quickly, nor do they provide long term, sustainable solutions. If you have a severe bird problem or notice a rapid increase in the number of birds in your area, it is time to call in the professionals. Flickā€™s experienced exclusion technicians have the experience and expertise to design tailored bird proofing solutions for your unique site.

Birds perch up high. Our technicians can safely navigate at heights and possess the skill and coordination to install exclusion methods. However, these solutions are beyond the average person’s means, so it’s best to call in professionals.

It is always dangerous to send inexperienced, untrained people up on a roof to attempt bird exclusion practices. While it may seem like you are saving a few bucks, it quickly becomes apparent that hiring a professional is a better choice when comparing the risks and benefits.

At Flick, we quickly and efficiently handle every part of the bird exclusion process. As a result, we can humanely and efficiently eliminate your bird problem with long-term success from inspection to installation and maintenance.

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