Out with the old insecticide!

Sometimes, it might seem like complying with food safety standards and keeping your commercial kitchen free from pests are at odds with each other. After all, some of the most effective insecticide and rodenticides available can have toxic effects on people, making them not suitable for use in a commercial kitchen (or even in most residential settings). However, at the same time, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your kitchen remains free from pests.

In with Flick’s SMART pest control system!

Flick has you covered with innovative technology, optimising pest control and providing effective extermination and prevention without the application of potentially toxic chemicals. It all starts with our SMART digital pest control system. Our SMART system harnesses the latest technology to help you identify areas where pests are a problem and treat those areas, rather than focusing on a broad scale treatment that may or may not target the pests on your premises. SMART technology in your workplace will detect rodents, cockroaches and moths around the clock.

One of the best things about our SMART system is that it is environmentally friendly. Rather than using traditional rodent baits, we use local food sources and non-toxic attractants to bring rodents to our multi-catch units, where they are euthanised. In a conventional baiting scenario, rodents do not die at the bait station but wander off to die, which can cause serious problems in commercial kitchen environments.

How SMART works

We take a multi-step approach to effective pest management. The first step is a thorough assessment. We go over your property, looking for potential pest access points and also look for attractants, such as water leaks. We create a bullet list of strategies you can do to help prevent any type of pest infestation because prevention is key for effective pest control.

The next step is designing a plan tailored for your business. In addition to examining areas of potential infestation, we also consider your business needs and customer access points so that we can implement your extermination plan without distracting your customers. We use sensors to help us detect where pests are located, and use humane traps and stations placed in strategic areas to help control the pest population. Once the SMART system is installed and activated, we continually monitor and protect your business using the information received from your SMART units to our SMART data hub. We conduct regular inspections, empty and relocate traps when needed, analyse data and provide you with essential information. Your pest prevention system is continually adapting to your changing needs.

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