If you have a food processing/manufacturing (FMCG) company, you know that food safety is your number one concern.  If food is contaminated, it cannot be sold, leading to a loss of revenue and potential damage to your reputation  

Several factors can threaten food safety, but pests present the most significant threat to any FMCG company. Pests can sneak into your storage, processing, or packaging facilities via many hidden access points. Once in, they can contaminate your goods with droppings or hair and may use your goods as a food supplies. Because of this, pest exclusion/eradication has to be a top priority for FMCG businesses.

There are several tried-and-true methods of pest control that FMCG businesses have been using for decades to secure their food supplies.  While they are usually successful at protecting the food supply, they require constant monitoring and maintenance to be used effectively. These traditional methods result in a solution becoming needlessly expensive. 

Why FMCG Companies are going with SMART Pest Control

SMART offers a better solution for FMCG companies that want to protect their food supplies.  It combines 24/7 monitoring and active responses to respond to the threat of pests before traditional inspections would even notice them.  This approach offers far more advanced prevention than other strategies.  

SMART can help prevent entry before pests enter your facility.  Using digital monitoring systems that communicate with each other and a central data hub using AI technology, SMART alerts us when pests are trying to enter the facility.  This data allows us to set non-toxic traps in high-risk areas and perform visual inspections of changing areas in your business that might become vulnerable to pests. 

The SMART system adapts to changing circumstances.  The 24/7 system monitors constantly, reacts and provides live monitoring reports, which allows us to detect activities even in the most hidden places.  We can also relocate traps or sensors to high-risk areas based on the live data.  Constantly monitoring and instantly reporting means that we can respond swiftly to any risk before it becomes an infestation.  

The SMART system components are small and rugged. They can be installed both inside and outside, and they also work above and below ground.  This means you can achieve complete coverage protection for your facility and its perimeter. 

Finally, SMART’s constant digital monitoring makes documenting your HACCP compliance much more straightforward.  This is invaluable when undergoing an audit, as you can pull reports to demonstrate compliance with all applicable Safe Food New Zealand safe food handling rules. Call Flick today at  0800 710 010  to learn more!

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