No one wants rats in their workplace – whether that’s an office building, warehouse, storefront or production facility.

Why People Avoid Rat Poison

The toxicity of rat poison means that it may not be safe to use in all circumstances. Not all rat poisons can be used near food storage or food preparation areas because of the concern of cross-contamination. Additionally, toxic rat poison can also be harmful to people, pets and wildlife if handled or eaten leading to serious health issues or even death.

Commercially, toxic rat poison can impact your customers’ view of your premises. Usually, when a rat consumes poisonious bait, it may travel and die outside of its nest – potentially anywhere on your premises in view of your customers and clients. The poisoned rat could also move into a hidden spot to die where you may not notice it. It may decompose over a number of days/weeks before you even notice it where it will cause a horrible smell.

Why People Avoid Rat Traps

Rat traps might seem like a better approach for people who are avoiding poison. Rat traps can be placed in discrete locations, placed in ways that make them unlikely to target other wildlife and keep dead rats in place. However, rat traps that are placed in high-traffic areas can be unappealing to customers and showcase that you have a rat problem. This could be harmful to your business and deter customers and clients away.

Preventative Steps

Before an infestation occurs, you may be able to handle it on your own. You need to ensure you remove attractants such as food and water sources and block any entry points such as cracks and holes in your building.

SMART Digital Pest Control

Our sustainable SMART Digital Pest Control provides targeted pest control that can be adjusted for high traffic areas. Instead of using poisoned baits or traditional snap traps, SMART incorporates electronic traps, which quickly and humanely exterminate rats, storing their bodies until they can be removed by our pest control professionals. It is a hands-off, clean pest control method that works well for businesses and their customers. Contact us to learn more.

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