They are there even if you never see them!

Cockroaches are often present without anyone ever seeing them as they hide in daylight and nest in hidden areas. Therefore, if cockroaches have become a visible problem, it is wise to assume that there are many more in hiding. Our safe, effective and eco-friendly pest control can eliminate your cockroach problem at all stages of their lifecycle. . We can also offer regular services to keep cockroaches at bay. However, as with most pest control solutions, prevention is a key component in keeping your business pest-free.

Just like any other pest

As with all pests, cockroaches are attracted to food and water. To keep cockroaches away from your business, you want to eliminate potential water and food sources. One way to do that is to eliminate any leaks and areas where water might stand. Many people do not consider condensation, which is a major water source for cockroaches.
Cockroaches also need a food source, and they often seek out the garbage and/or recycling areas. These areas provide them with plenty of hiding places to keep out of sight, as well as a reliable and steady food source. You want to make sure that any waste disposal areas have tight-fitting lids and that the area around them is kept clean of debris and food waste.

The kitchen is another common place for cockroaches because it is the source for food and water and has plenty of hiding places. This may be a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, pub, hotel, or other hospitality-related business. However, it might also be a break-room kitchen or employee-only cafeteria in a different type of business. Flick offers non-toxic, eco-friendly pest control solutions to keep your kitchen pest-free without endangering your employees.

We will inspect your premises to determine potential access points that cockroaches might use to enter your building. We will look for cracks or holes in the walls, foundation, baseboards, and ceilings. Cockroaches can use those as access points, so sealing them can help prevent them from entering into your business. Working together, we can keep your business cockroach-free.

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