Do you feel like you have been seeing more and more ants, recently? It is not just your imagination. The increase in rain due to La Nina has increased pests all over Australia, and ant populations are no exception. However, you may wonder why the ant population is increasing, since they are not a pest that lays eggs in water.

You are seeing more ants because La Nina’s wet weather is bad for ant homes.

The wetter weather is drowning ant nests. This means that ant populations migrate away from their nests and look for dry places to live. Ants are heading into homes and other buildings, where they can get away from the rain.

Of course, once ants are in your home, they do not want to leave. Why would they? Your house offers them shelter and a food supply. So, while the rain and wetness may drive them inside, you are going to have to find a way to get rid of them.

Fortunately, Flick has you covered. Are you already a customer?

Ants are covered by most of Flick’s home protection plans. If you are a Flick home protection customer and you notice this pest, just give us a call and we can come out and take care of the problem.

Not a Flick customer yet?

Check out our home protection programs. We combine preventative plans and extermination to help you keep your home pest free. With our programs, we can prevent most ant infestations before they can happen. If ants happen to sneak through, we can come exterminate them and get rid of the problem.

Why are ants a problem?

Unlike some other pests, ants are not associated with the spread of disease. Therefore, from ants do not pose the same risk as other pests like mosquitoes or rodents. However, they are prolific and rapid breeders. Their nests can damage your home. In addition, they can threaten your food supply. Of course, some varieties of ant also bite. While these bites are rarely serious, they are annoying and can be painful.

We can help you get rid of these pests. Contact Flick today. Sign up for one of our home protection plans or have us out for a one-time pest control service. Either way, we will help you get the ants out of your home!

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