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    We aim to help our customers keep pest activity in their homes to an absolute minimum, using methods that are environmentally friendly and which utilise environmentally-friendly solutions. One of our biggest concerns is ensuring all people, animals and the environment are unharmed. Residual formulations are applied to affected areas which may include carpets, rugs, tile and wood flooring and ceilings spaces. The products we use are engineered to deal with the heaviest pest infestations while still remaining safe to use around humans and pets.

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    Step 1 Inspection

    Congrats on booking a Flick Anticimex general pest treatment! On the day of your booking, the technician will arrive within the designated time period. After a brief introduction, they will confirm with you the purpose of today’s visit. Then the thorough inspection begins. The inspection may include the following:
    • Identification and confirmation of the pest(s) for treatment.
    • Determination of harborage and breeding sites; this could include primary and secondary locations.
    • Risk assessment of environmental factors.
    • The detection or evidence of any additional pest activity for attention.

    Once the inspection portion is over, the technician will share their findings and provide you with his/her recommendation(s) for the best course of action to resolve your concerns.

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    Step 2 Treatment

    Treatment will generally take place straight after an inspection. Your assigned technician will conduct the treatment by handling/applying new generation and environmentally-friendly pesticides and insecticides according to our best practices for pest management. All Flick Anticimex technicians are fully trained professionals. A combination of methods and products may be used to ensure we provide the best outcomes for your family your home and your lifestyle. Based on the inspection assessment, your treatment may be quite localised and contained to harbourage and breeding areas. However, where multiple locations are found, or the infestation is extensive, a broader treatment might be needed.

    According to your technician’s recommendation, a follow-up inspection/treatment will need to be booked, so your technician can carefully monitor and measure the progress. We want to ensure you get the best possible outcome, so any follow-up visit required would be discussed with you.

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    Step 3 Completion

    At the end of your booking, your technician will provide you with documentation outlining the visit and go through it with you. The technician will cover what treatment has been carried out and advising you of any follow-up recommendations. They’ll also outline the warranty coverage provided for your service and talk to you about what you can expect to see over the coming days and weeks.

    This is a good time to ask any additional or pressing questions you might have. They are always happy to share pest-related information with you and provide any additional advice or tips.

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    Solutions We Offer

    Ant Control Solution

    It’s time to throw out the DIY ant control bottles and kits. Flick Anticimex offers thorough and accurate ant control solutions, suited to your needs. Find out what treatments we employ to keep the ants away and also learn the five top tips to keep ants away post-treatment.

    Bed Bug Solution

    Bed bugs are a pervasive pest, which require professional pest control to fully rid them from your property. Discover our bed bug solutions to keep your home itch free.

    Bird Control Solution

    Introduced birds can be a major pest to businesses. They’re able to spread harmful bacteria and mites, damage the facade of your property and ruin the reputation of your storefront. Take the necessary measures to protect yourself from pest birds!

    Borer Control Solution

    Borers are wood boring insects that love to damage timber structures of residential and commercial buildings in New Zealand. Safe guard your property from borers and avoid costly damages, contact the experts today.

    Cockroach Control Solution

    One of the world’s most hated pests, cockroaches can give a lot of people anxiety and frustration. Consider a long-term cockroach solution to keep them away for good. Flick Anticimex offers a reliable combination of cockroach control methods!

    Possum Control Solution

    An invasive and destructive pest, the possum causes destruction to vegetation, native insects and to homes with their faeces, urine and nesting practices. Protect your home from their damage with our trusted and professional possum solutions. We offer reliable, tried-and-true traps and baits!

    Rodent Control Solution

    Rat and mouse infestations are a serious problem that puts your health and home at risk. Professional rodent control is the way to go. Discover our bait and rodent station solutions now.


    • Around the clock surveillance

      Traditional rodent solutions require regular maintenance check-ups. However, our digital Smart system constantly monitors, instantly reacts and directly reports to our team.

    • Avoid costly problems

      Solving an infestation takes time, and the damage done to your business can be substantial. With Anticimex Smart installed, we can handle any early signs of a rodent infestation, dealing with the issue before it turns costly.

    • Detect blind spots

      Pests excel at hiding in places where they are hard to detect. With Anticimex Smart and our innovative sensors we can detect activities in hidden places or relocate traps to a pest hot zone.

    • Easy documentation

      Anticimex Smart is an intelligent system connected to our data hub, allowing us to easily analyse the situation and export the data for you to look over.

    • Non-toxic pest control

      Our digital Smart traps are 100% non-toxic, meaning there’s no need for pesticides to trap the rodents on your property. You can create a healthier environment and limit risk to passersby.

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