Flies are more than annoying pests.  Sure, they bother you by buzzing around, landing on things, and creating a general nuisance.  However, did you know that they can also spread disease?  When flies land on food, they contaminate it and carry diseases like shigellosis, E. coli, cholera, and typhoid fever. So, keeping flies away from your customers and guests is critical.

We can help you keep the buzzing to your customers this holiday season. Keep flies away with our SMART digital pest control .

SMART works better than the widespread application of chemicals to kill flies. First, flying insects are notoriously difficult to target.  It is difficult to eliminate all flying insects because they can fly in and out of an area. Doing so often involves the continuous application of toxic chemicals to the air.

SMART works differently. SMART begins with detection.  Our system monitors 24/7, so it knows where pests are.  We also use responsive pest control to make sure that our non-toxic systems are in places that pests frequent. This focused approach means we are targeting your pest problem in real time.

In addition, we use non-toxic traps. Using non-toxic traps is the best way to control pests.  It helps protect the environment.  Equally important, it helps keep your premises safe.  Pesticides can be dangerous to people and can be a possible source of food contamination.  Using non-toxic traps prevents those problems.

Integrated Pest Management

We combine our SMART systems with our Integrated Pest Management programs to keep your homes and workplaces safe.  Our pest management solutions come in various levels, which give you the power to pick the one that is right for you.  The right one depends on whether you are currently dealing with an infestation, have a moderate insect problem, or simply want to avoid seasonal fly problems.

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The first step for seasonal fly control is a thorough inspection.  We look for different signs of insect infestation in our assessment and go beyond looking for flies or signs of flies.  We also look for things that may attract insects and provide you with helpful tips about garbage disposal, standing water, and other factors that can attract flies to your home or office.  Tell flies to buzz off! Call us today to schedule your inspection and get started.

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