The weather is getting warmer. That means you might start seeing more rodents around your home or business. While these furry pests move inside during cold weather, they get more active and breed more as the weather improves. That means that you very well might have creatures stirring in your house around Christmas Time.

Getting Rid Of Rodents

How do you get rid of them? Well, you can tackle them the old-fashioned DIY way using snap traps and poisons. Of course, that means dealing with carcasses, emptying traps, and having to worry about your pets, family members, or even your customers getting ahold of poison.

The better way to handle it is by using Flick’s SMART digital pest control system. SMART’s digital system provides a way to remotely monitor for pests 24/7. This remote monitoring lets us see where pests are hiding, so that we can target pest control to those areas. Used alone, it is a great way to see when and where pests are becoming an issue.

However, we do not use it alone. We combine digital monitoring with environmentally friendly traps and baits. We use local food sources and non-toxic baits to attract rodents. That means that you do not have to worry about poisons around your family. For our commercial systems, we have multi-catch units designed to humanely eliminate rodents. In residential settings, we have traditional traps.

Handling Rodents With SMART

Whether residential or commercial, once we put the SMART system in place, we handle the rest of the work. We assess the rodent problem, install the system, handle monitoring and base our pest control approach on the results we see. We handle emptying and resetting traps, so you do not have to worry about it.

With SMART, we see into places where you cannot. Rodents like to hide in tight, dark, snug places where it can be difficult to detect them. You may notice signs of rodents before you ever see one in your home. However, by the time you actually see a rodent you could have a major infestation. This is true in commercial buildings as well. With SMART, we can put monitors in those hidden spots where rodents are likely to hide. By being able to spot them early, we can help eliminate infestations before they begin.

Staying Rodent-Free With Flick

Ready to get rid of your rodent problems? Contact Flick. We have a number of solutions geared at helping keep those uninvited guests away this Christmas.

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