If you spot a wasp in your house, your top priority is probably removing it. After all, wasps are known for their aggressive natures and painful stings. While their stings hurt anyone they get, for those who are allergic to them, they can even be deadly. So, it makes sense to remove wasps as quickly as possible.

However, the same reasons that make it urgent to remove a wasp from your home, also make it dangerous to do so. Wasps are aggressive creatures, and they will try to sting if they feel threatened. That means that it can be difficult to get to the wasp without putting yourself in danger.

Here are some ways to try to get a lone wasp or two out of your home.

Open a door or window. If the wasp is near a door or window, opening them up can urge the wasp to fly outside. Your home does not have the habitat a wasp needs to fly, so it is probably already searching for a way outside. Opening a door or window can be the easiest way to get rid of the wasp. Of course, if you have wasps outside, as well, you want to avoid this option.

Use chemical spray. There are plenty of wasp-killing sprays available. They are very effective at killing a wasp or two, though they are less effective at killing an entire nest. This is an effective way to get rid of a wasp. However, you need to exercise caution. These poisons are toxic and may not be safe to use around pets, children, or people with medical issues. In addition, they could damage materials in your home.

Use glass cleaner/ hairspray/ a soap solution. You will find plenty of DIY recommendations that glass cleaners, hairsprays, or a mix of soap and water can help you get rid of a wasp in your home. While they are unlikely to kill a wasp, they may impact its ability to fly, allowing you to kill it or usher it outside.

Smash it. If you are not scared of getting close to the wasp, you can kill it using something like a fly swatter, rolled up magazine, or shoe. Of course, if you miss, you are close enough for the enraged wasp to seek vengeance. You only want to try this method if you know the wasp is solo. Wasps release pheromones when they are in distress or dying, which can attract other wasps.

Once you have gotten rid of your solo wasp, you need to see if it is really alone. A single wasp is a DIY project, but a wasp infestation is better left to the professionals. Whether you need a pest inspection or know that you need extermination services, Flick’s Residential Pest Control can be the solution to your pest problems.

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