If you get a wasp, bee, hornet, or other stinging pest in your house, you want to get it out. While they are nuisances for most people, they can cause real problems for anyone with an allergy. You do not want to discover that you are that person because you ignored them. However, you want to be cautious getting them out of the house. Doing it right can minimize your chances of getting stung. Here are steps on how to remove a wasp from your home:

Keep Your Cool

If you lose your cool, you may start making erratic movements. That can increase the chance that you will get stung. You can also increase the chances that the insect will sting someone in your household. So, keep your cool.

Wasps in New Zealand home

Keep It in View

You want to keep the wasp in view. They are small and fast. So, it is easy to lose sight of them. If you do that, then you may not be able to find it to get rid of it. So, try to keep an eye on it. If you need to take some other steps to get ready to get rid of it, see if you can have someone else in your household watch it.

Get Kids and Pets Out of the Room

Before you start to get rid of the wasp, get rid of vulnerable people and pets. Send your kids to the other room, put your pets outside, and make sure anyone with a known allergy goes into another closed room. That way you can focus on capturing the wasp or bee without worrying about someone else getting stung. Plus, getting rid of them reduces the odds that you will get stung, too.

Skip the Swat

Your first instinct is probably to swat the wasp. That is a really bad idea. Wasps release a chemical when they are killed. It attracts other wasps. You could end up with a swarm of wasps attacking you. Even if you do not have a sensitivity to wasp stings, multiple wasp stings can make you really sick. So, skip the urge to swat, squash, or otherwise kill the wasp.

Blow It

You might want to capture the wasp, but that is not a great instinct. Flying insects are not made to handle super-high winds. So, you can use fast-moving air to push the wasp out of a window or door. Use a portable fan, hair dryer, or other source of fast-moving air. It is one of the safest ways to get rid of a wasp.

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