From a distance, birds can be quite beautiful to watch. Many people even enjoy bird watching as a hobby.

However, when large groups of birds congregate around your home, they quickly become pests. Birds can cause structural damage to your property. Their waste can be corrosive to many surfaces, they scratch, and they may damage surfaces when nest-building. Birds can also spread diseases, mites, and bacteria. Therefore, keeping away pest birds is essential to protect your house and the people who live in it.

Bird Prevention DIY Solutions May Solve the Issue

Many people start by taking a DIY approach to bird control. Some classic DIY methods are bird nets, scarecrows, bird spikes, bird repellents, motion-activated water sprinklers, electronic sound repellent devices, ultrasound pest control, reflective bird scarers, and nest control. Some pest control companies will try to tell you that DIY methods do not work, which is not entirely true; each of these methods may have varying degrees of success.

The problem with the DIY approach is that you have to make it your job to be a professional bird scarer. Once birds realize there is no serious threat, birds will ignore a method that worked fine just days earlier. Picture crows nesting on a scarecrow; that is how birds often respond to DIY methods.

Professional Bird Removal for the Long-Term

At Flick, we have been preventing pest bird infestations for over 100 years. Our technicians will inspect your property, locate nests, and investigate why you have a bird problem. We will make recommendations to change things that may be attracting birds, such as gardens or pet food left outdoors. Once we have completed our inspection, we get to work.

Bird prevention is labour-intensive and uses materials that are useless unless applied properly. We use materials, such as netting, that are designed to prevent birds and protect the structural integrity of your home.

Netting offers many benefits as it is more cost-effective than some solutions, and it is also a permanent fix. Finally, it does not rely upon scaring the birds away; the netting works even if birds are accustomed to it being present.

At Flick, we use high-quality materials. Our netting is made of polyethylene and stainless steel, which means it is durable enough to withstand the New Zealand weather. It comes in various sizes, depending on the species of pest bird. Call Flick today at  0800 710 010  to learn more!

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