With the rapid speed at which we are heading towards a tech-driven world, business owners often think about a simpler time when a manual process was the most reliable. Rodent traps and bait stations have long been a part of this analog approach to business. With that in mind, it is understandable that some business owners are scared that a high-tech system will just make pest control needlessly complicated. Why fix something that is not broken?

The problem is that old school pest control is no longer meeting the efficacy requirements of the modern business landscape. It relies upon constant visual inspections, setting and moving traps where rodent activity is suspected, and waiting to see if you have the right spot. This process can take days before a trap catches a rodent and even longer still for the trap to be emptied.

Be More Than Prepared for Pests with Digital Pest Control

SMART digital pest control by Flick is more than just a mousetrap. It is an entire pest control network that modernises every part of the pest control process. The results? Earlier detection, more comprehensive prevention, and an automated approach to pest control.

SMART begins with digital monitoring. We set up a SMART system in areas that are likely to attract pests, even if there is no sign of pests in that area. The SMART system then monitors the area 24/7. It tells us where pests are a problem so that we can set up non-toxic stations to eliminate the problem.

Thanks to the constant 24/7 monitoring, we know about pest issues before you can see signs of them. Mice can begin breeding as young as four weeks, rats slightly later. Mice get pregnant five to ten times a year, with three to fourteen pups per litter. Rats get pregnant around six times a year, with five to twelve pups per litter. This can create exponential growth of a rodent population. By failing to detect just two rodents, they can grow exponentially to hundreds of rodents in no time at all.

SMART’s monitoring lets us respond immediately, at the first sign of a threat. SMART digital monitoring is not about cameras and does not rely on Wi-Fi. Instead, they use cellular network technology to communicate with one another. They also send their data to a central hub, which relays the information to us. We know about the pest issues and can respond appropriately without you having to communicate it to us.

SMART also offers a non-toxic pest control solution. The SMART Trap catches rodents and timestamp each catch, giving us more information to provide responsive pest control. They also notify us of the catch to come out and empty traps, making the system hands-off for you. Call Flick today at 0800 710 010  to learn more!

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