With spring just around the corner, you may be wondering what steps you can take so that your spring cleaning can help prevent spring pests. . Many pest control companies will offer generic tips, such as eliminating food waste, getting rid of water sources, and securely storing pet food. However, different pests target different rooms. For example, ants and cockroaches are problems for kitchens, cockroaches and silverfish love the moisture in bathrooms, rodents and spiders love to lurk in roofs subfloors, fleas and ticks can plague the outdoors, and anything wooden is at risk of termites! That is why we have some room-by-room tips you can use to help eliminate pests.

Steps you can take to prevent spring pests!

The best way to prevent kitchen pests is to eliminate food and water sources. First, do a thorough clean and get rid of outdated items in your pantry. They attract pests and, because you are unlikely to use them, they may be undetected for a long time. Next, clean your cabinet’s interior and exterior surfaces to get rid of all food debris. Also, remember to pull appliances away from walls and clean behind them.

Bathroom pests love moisture, so your first spring cleaning task is to look for sources of standing water. Check inside cabinets, under sinks, around toilets, in showers and tubs to make sure that you do not have any leaks.

Pests in your roof, subfloor or unattended areas of your home often take advantage of dark corners, clutter, and storage boxes. Do you have empty boxes or boxes with cracks or loose lids that will be inviting pests? If so, eliminate them and replace them with sturdy boxes that rodents cannot chew through. You also want to check these areas for entry points and seal any openings to keep rodents from entering. If you do notice evidence of rodents, such as feces or the oily track marks that rodents can leave along walls, you want to clean the area thoroughly. Rodents use their scent to mark passages!

In the yard, you want to clean around your home’s perimeter. Bushes or trees that touch the home provide an easy way for pests to enter. Also, look for any cracks or rotted wood that could invite pest damage. Repair or replace it before pests can move in.

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