“Rodent season” – as known in the industry – is here. Just like you and I, rats and
mice are looking to be nice and warm, unfortunately this means moving indoor.

Our properties make prefect nesting grounds as there is plenty of food, water and with some buildings now with insulation. With the cooler weather, the rain and the changes in land development, the rodents are being driven into our properties.

Signs of a rodent infestation:

The obvious signs of a rodent infestation in your property are if you see droppings or hear scratching in the walls/roof. This is potentially harmful for you and your staff as rodents:

  • Eat through the sarking in a roof void
  • Nest in and around insulation batts
  • Gnaw on electrical wires, leaving them exposed potentially causing fires

Trusted Flick Pest Controllers

Our technicians are fully trained to handle rodent infestations. We will assess the property and speak to you about the signs of a rodent infestation. Then, we can determine the level of activity and the damage that has already been caused. Flick Anticimex offers numerous tamper proof rodent bait boxes that can be placed around the exterior of your property, preferably in areas where the rodent activity has been most rampant.

The smarter choice in rodent control

We also offer our rodent solution, SMART, a combination of high-tech digital traps, sensors and cameras to help control rodent activity. Combining our experience and knowledge of rodents with an array of advanced equipment we can ensure an effective prevention programme that is tailored to every customer’s specific business needs. Rodent numbers have been known to grow if left untreated.

Why should you consider using SMART?

  • 24/7 and real time monitoring.
  • Enables pre-emptive action, preventing future outbreaks.
  • Cost-effective as a result of reduced risks and less internal checks.
  • Free from pesticides.
  • Proactive action on areas of high rodent detections leading to more effective control before infestation becomes critical (Preventative Rodent Monitoring).


If you have or suspect you have a problem with rodents or would like to know more about SMART, give us a call at 0800 710 010. If you would like to view our SMART page, click here.

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