Pest management is a critical part of food safety. However, it is complicated because some of the easiest ways to manage pests can introduce toxins or other contaminants to food storage and food preparation areas. This is unacceptable because it can result in food becoming contaminated and customers experiencing foodborne illness or even accidental poisonings. Another concern, though slightly less serious, is that customers may see traditional pest control measures in place in a food-related business and assume that the business is experiencing a pest problem. Even the hint of a pest issue is enough to damage a food-related business’ reputation for safety and cleanliness. Therefore, business owners and managers are challenged to find effective, safe pest management that is unobtrusive and does not detract from the customer experience.

Flick Pest Control has the solution to your problem. We have a Commercial Pest control program that we hand-tailor to each individual business. We begin with an assessment of your business, which not only includes an inspection to determine if there are any existing pest problems, but also looks for anything in the business that would make you vulnerable to future pest problems. Our initial assessment will point out areas where you could exclude pests from invading, look for water leaks and other attractants that can make a business inviting for pests, and even look at how neighbouring businesses might increase your risk for pest invasion.

Then, we implement a personalised version of our SMART system. Flick’s SMART system harnesses the power of modern technology to provide you with the very best in state-of-the-art pest control. We know the areas where pests are most likely to hide and, combining those with any areas where you have noticed pest activity, we place unobtrusive monitoring devices that allow us to track pests in real-time and tailor our intervention and extermination efforts based on the information that we find. This not only saves our customers time, but also provides quicker and more efficient results.

Our SMART system is also compatible for businesses in the food sector. Rather than using traditional poisons, we employ non-toxic, environmentally-friendly attractants to lure pests to our traps, where we use humane extermination methods. These traps contain the pests, reducing the possibility of a customer finding a pest on your premises. They also eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination of poisons into your food prep or food storage areas. Effective pest control can be challenging in the food sector, but Flick’s SMART system removes the guesswork and creates an easy-to-implement and maintained process for your business.

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