You won’t find a web with these spiders!

Huntsman spiders are large and hairy, which gives them a frightening appearance. They also differ from many other spiders in that huntsman spiders do not spin webs to catch their prey. Instead, they are ambush predators. The first indication many people have of a huntsman spider problem in their homes is when a huntsman spider comes scurrying out of a hiding spot.

Do we need to fear them?

Why are huntsman spiders so frightening to people? First, their size is intimidating; they can be as large as the palm of a hand. Second, they are very smart. While the different species of huntsman spiders run at different speeds, the fastest among them run at rates comparable to Olympic sprinters, while the slower among them still run at speeds similar to a reasonably fit human’s running speed. So, you may spot a huntsman and be unable to capture it.

Many homeowners who find a huntsman spider in their house wonder if these giant, hairy beasts pose a biting danger. Knowing that the bites of venomous spiders can be very serious and that huntsman spiders are venomous compounds the problem. Fortunately, the bite of a huntsman spider is generally not considered seriously harmful to people. Although, the fangs can pierce human skin and be quite painful. That said, there are some species of huntsman spiders that are considered more dangerous than others, so if you feel like you are having a significant reaction to the bite of a huntsman spider, seek prompt medical attention. Huntsman spiders are not normally aggressive towards humans except during summer when females are guarding their egg sacs. They are more likely to run away than attack unless provoked.

They are your first clue to look out for other pests!

If huntsman spiders are usually relatively harmless, many people wonder if they need pest control services when they spot a huntsman spider in their home. Generally, huntsman spiders are shy and reclusive. While huntsman spiders may not pose as a danger themselves, they are ambush predators that feed on other insects; therefore, they do serve as a good warning system that you may have an underlying pest problem. If you have a huntsman spider problem, then you almost certainly have another underlying insect problem. Our professionally trained technicians will identify the problem and administer the appropriate treatment using safe environmentally friendly materials to keep all common pests and huntsman spiders out of your home.

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