Have you heard strange sounds from your attic? If so, you may have pests up there. While we usually think of attic sounds linked to more significant problems like rats, mice, possums, and birds, they can also indicate insects. So, you want to investigate any bugs in your roof quickly and eradicate them before they become a bigger problem.

You may notice buzzing sounds if you have wasps, bees, or flies in your attic. They will probably be quiet at first, but the buzzing sound can be very loud if you have a large wasp or bee hive. If you suspect bees or wasps, you may want a professional to check the attic. If you do it yourself, be very careful. If cornered, even docile bees can be aggressive, and if you are in an attic, it can be challenging to flee safely.

The main significant pests in an attic are rats, mice, birds, and possums. For rats and mice, you might hear scratching and gnawing sounds, as well as the sounds of movement overhead or in the walls. Droppings are the primary sign that it could be rodents, so look for spindle-shaped droppings. Mice are probably the culprit if they are thin and around .5cm in length. If they are blunt and larger, closer to 1.5 to 2 cm in length, then you probably have rats. You will likely hear larger scratching sounds and even some vocalisations for possums. Their droppings look more like brown jelly beans and may smell sweet. Birds come with flapping sounds and typical bird noises. Their droppings are the most distinct.

If you notice significant pests in your attic, you probably have insects there, too. All four major large pests carry parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mites. In addition to getting rid of the larger pests, you must deep clean the impacted area. After that, you should consider using an insecticide or having a professional pest control company to treat the bugs in your roof. That is because the insects that infest the larger pests can linger even after you have treated the main pest problem.

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