You might think all cockroaches are the same. However, there are several types of cockroaches in NZ. Understanding the different types of cockroaches can help you understand whether they are pests or whether they are actually benefiting their natural environment.

How many species are there? Well, there are over 3,000 types of cockroaches. You are unlikely to ever encounter most of them, as they stay outside and go about their business without bothering anyone. The roaches that we worry about are the ones that come inside. In Tauranga, New Zealand, those roaches include three main types: the German cockroach, the Gisborne cockroach, and the American cockroach. Read on to find out why those cockroaches are particularly disgusting.

German cockroach in New Zealand

German cockroaches are found around the work. They are not too large, which means that they can get anywhere. They breed very quickly, with 3 to 4 generations a year and with 35 to 40 eggs each breeding cycle. You find them indoors. They like to be where it is humid and wet. So, you will find these pests in residential and commercial areas in kitchens and bathrooms.

American cockroach in New Zealand

The American cockroach is a large cockroach that invades homes and residences. They are up to three times as long as German cockroaches. They are red brown in color. They run and can fly at very high temperatures. These roaches hang out in hidden, dark, humid areas. You can also find them dwelling in trees.

Gisborne cockroach in New Zealand

The Gisborne cockroach is just another very big bug. While it looks scary, it is actually harmless. It does not spread disease. It is also not going to scare you by flying into you. In fact, it does not even try to eat your food, unless the food is decaying. You are most likely to encounter this cockroach outside, but it will come inside to escape hot or wet weather.

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