Have you ever thought that your weather affects pest problems? The weather really does influence how bugs and rodents behave. This includes their likelihood of trying to get into your home, reproducing, and trying to eat your food. By understanding how weather can impact pest behaviour, you can help prevent pest infestations.

The temperature has a huge impact on pest behaviour. Insects are cold-blooded. They cannot produce their own body heat. When cold weather is coming, insects that migrate move to areas with warmer weather. That is why you may notice fewer insects in the winter. Insects who do not migrate also seek warmer places. They may hibernate, burrow into the ground, or otherwise seek shelter.

Out of Sight but NOT Out of Mind!

This desire to find shelter can send insects inside homes. While you will see fewer insects overall in the colder weather, you are more likely to find them inside your home. Spiders, cockroaches, and many other common pests move inside in cold weather.

Rodents also seek out warm interiors during the winter. While rats and mice may be perfectly content outside during warmer months, they will try very hard to get inside when the weather turns cold. Warmer weather often means babies, so if they get inside during the winter you may have a surprise infestation when the weather starts to turn warm.

Weather Affects Pest Migration Patterns

When it is warm outside, migrating bugs return. Bugs that have been hibernating or otherwise avoiding the cold also return. This means that the warmer months bring plenty of outdoor pests. Mosquitoes, wasps, and other biting or stinging insects can plague your outdoor activities and make you less likely to use your outdoor spaces. They may also invade your home looking for food.

Drought also impacts pest behaviour. When there is no water outside pests including insects and rodents will come inside to look for water. Excessive rain can also drive some insects inside looking for shelter. However, the insect most associated with excessive rain is the mosquito. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, which means that they breed after heavy rainfalls.

Flickā€™s residential pest control services are perfect to control pests regardless of the weather. With season-specific treatment programs, we anticipate different pest problems throughout the year and target them. We also inspect for pests that are associated with specific weather types to help keep you pest-free year-round.

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