Keep Eight-Legged Pests Out This Holiday Season

Halloween is long gone. It is time to get rid of those pesky spider webs.


One of the most prominent signs of a spider infestation is having multiple spider webs in your home. Spider webs, those sticky silk contraptions spiders create to help them trap their food, can make your house look messy and unkempt. While they are not harmful to humans or pets, they can be a nuisance.

While it is not unusual to find the occasional spider web, it is concerning to see multiple spiderwebs within a short time frame. Multiple spiderwebs are an indication that spiders have found a food source in your home or commercial property. Therefore, if you see numerous webs, you have not only a spider problem but also an insect problem.

Other Signs of Spiders

Of course, not all spiders spin webs. In Australia, there are three main subtypes of spiders and not all use webs to hunt prey. As a result, you could have a spider problem without having spider webs in the house.

Another sign of spider infestation is egg sacs. Egg sacs look like silk balls and contain several spider eggs.  You do not want to leave the egg sacks untreated because they could hatch, releasing hundreds of baby spiders in your home.  You also do want to disturb or touch the sack without a professional because you could break it.

The presence of other flying insects is a sign of spiders many people fail to recognise.  Spiders feed on flying insects, so if you see many of them around your house, spiders are bound to follow.

Dangerous Spiders

Because we have some deadly spiders in Australia, people can get alarmed if they see spiders in their home. However, most spiders are relatively harmless to humans and can perform valuable services around your home, as spiders eat other insects. Unfortunately, the same insects that attract helpful spiders also attract dangerous spiders.

If you think that you have been bitten by a Sydney Funnel-Web spider or a Redback spider, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention.  In fact, if you are having an adverse reaction to any spider bite, the smartest thing to do is get immediate help.  While some spider bites are potentially deadly, the advent of anti-venom injections can save your life.

Remove the Worries

With the mess and potential danger, spiders in your house can cause some stress. So let us handle your spider worries. Call Flick today for an inspection. We can look for signs of infestations and develop a comprehensive extermination program designed to keep your house free of spiders and other bugs.

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