Wood borers cause structural damage to houses across Christchurch and is a problem in older timber houses across Canterbury. If you suspect borer activity, call the professionals ASAP.

Why do borers invade homes in Christchurch?

The most common type of Borer in Christchurch is the common house borer. Many houses built before 1965 contain untreated timber. In some areas of Canterbury, this timber can be damp over long periods of time, due to poor ventilation. These conditions are perfect for borer activity.

The female beetles lay their eggs in the cracks, holes or ends of untreated timber. The larvae then spend three years burrowing inside and eating the timber, weakening it as it moves. The larvae then emerge from the wood as a beetle, completing its life cycle.

Wood borers leave round holes 2-4mm in diameter and very fine sawdust called frass. If you see these signs either on your wooden furniture, skirting boards, window sills or anywhere else in your house, call Flick immediately.

How to stop borers from entering homes

Treating wood when repainting your house, ensuring under the house is well ventilated and replaced timber that has signs of borer activity can slow down borers. But, the best way to stop borer from entering your home is by getting professional help.

Flick will tailor the treatment according to the borer species and infestation. They might apply a residual on the surface of the timber. Your technician may also suggest fumigating infected furniture. Some timber may need to be replaced.
Spraying inside borer holes is a short term fix. To get rid of borer once and for all you need professionals to treat your homes with a long term solution.

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