Students at universities or in trade programs want to be able to attend school in sanitary, pest-free areas. They may be more practical than younger students, and less disturbed by obvious signs of pest control, but many of them will still freak out if they see a pest on the University and TAFE premises.

Flick’s SMART system provides a great solution to your University and TAFE Pest Control problems

Whether you have an infestation at your University or TAFE, or are focusing on prevention, Flick’s SMART system is the solution you need. Flick combines 24/7 monitoring with safe pest traps, so that we can provide comprehensive, safe pest control.

One of the big problems with pests in a University and TAFE setting is that people are in and out of buildings constantly, which provides opportunities for pests to get into the premises. Once inside, schools provide sources of food, drink, and shelter for the pests. So, they have no incentive to leave.

How to Reduce the risk of University and TAFE Pest Infestations

In fact, adult students can be worse about eating in school than children. Part of this is a policy issue. While teachers who handle young kids can easily enforce a “no eating” rule in their classrooms, the older students get, the more difficult it is to handle that rule. It seems silly to prohibit a single student from eating. However, once you magnify one snacking student by dozens or even hundreds of students each day, the risks of letting students eat get magnified. They are certain to leave crumbs, which provides a food source for various types of pests.
Flick can help. We place our SMART monitors in hidden locations. They can look for pests in their hiding spaces. They are also discrete. That can help you avoid any dips in student confidence that might occur if students were concerned about a University and TAFE Pest Control issue.

We handle all aspects of the SMART system. We start with a thorough inspection, during which we determine how you can help exclude pests and the steps we can take to exterminate any existing pests you may have. Once we place the monitors, we handle the traps. We remotely monitor them, empty them, and place them at the highest-risk areas.

University and TAFE Student Safety and Pest Control

We use local plants in our bait boxes. They are non-toxic, so there is no risk of cross contamination or accidental poisoning. Then, we handle all of the monitoring and disposal of dead pests. Once we have installed the system, it is fuss-free for you.

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