Protecting New Zealand’s students and teachers from health threats caused by pests is hugely important for the education industry. Common pests such as rodents and cockroaches can spread up to 200 known diseases.

Schools, colleges, universities and TAFEs attract pests year-round, thanks to the ample sources of food and waste. Dropped crumbs at lunch, empty wrappers in lockers, overflowing bins and humid gyms can all create a pest paradise!

However, poisonous pesticides can be a problematic approach to pest management, given the risks they can also pose to humans.

Here’s how you can prevent pests in the education sector without using highly toxic chemicals, removing the threat before an infestation occurs.

1. Use Local Knowhow to Create Bespoke Solutions

Flick Pest Control has been operating in New Zealand for over 100 years and is one of New Zealand’s leading pest control companies. Now part of the global Anticimex network, we combine cutting edge technologies with local knowledge.

Our premium commercial pest management services are underpinned by staffing levels that meet the minimum requirements, effective supervision, innovative equipment and products that comply with industry standards.

Our technicians are part of the communities in which they work and use ‘next generation’ pesticides, which are better for the environment and safer for humans.

Our SMART team will inspect the site and devise a plan which is tailored to your needs, whether it’s rodent or cockroach control or spider web removal.

Flick also offers solutions for the removal and relocation of pest birds and possums. The roof areas of schools and universities can be favourite hiding places for both!

2. Get a SMART, 24/7 Workplace Protector

Over the extended school holiday breaks, pests can roam free, leading to a possible infestation by the time students and staff return.

Keep an eye on a large campus 24/7 with SMART Digital Pest Control, a digital rodent monitoring system that uses data, not poison. It’s now used by leading companies in New Zealand.

Driven by data, SMART is an unobtrusive system of sensors that constantly communicates information back to our SMART hub. Our technicians can then review the information in real-time, detect potential issues and take action if necessary, preventing costly damage.

The system also traps rodents and cockroaches in non-toxic, multi-catch devices which are serviced by the Flick team when needed. That means less employee time and health risks.

Reports can also be easily retrieved from the system at a moment’s notice, ensuring that you are meeting your reporting requirements for health and safety standards.

Stop worrying about pests and get back to the business of education. It’s time to activate your 24/7 defence shield with SMART Digital Pest Control!

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