While everyone knows that pests in schools are bad, they may not realize what a nightmare pests can be for the administration. You not only have to worry about handling the pest problem, but also about managing the information about pests. Secondary school students usually have phones and social media, so even an isolated citing of a pest can look like an infestation. Even obvious pest control efforts can easily spread a rumour that you are dealing with a pest problem.

SMART Digital Pest Control for Secondary Schools

That is why so many schools turn to Flick Anticimex NZ to handle their pest control problems. Our SMART system provides subtle, 24/7 pest monitoring and hands-free pest control. We place our SMART monitors in hard-to-reach or hidden places, which help us spot pests before they become noticeable. The constant monitoring allows us to move traps to places with high levels of activity. We monitor, empty, and reset the traps so that the process is hands-off for you. We can also handle this outside of school hours, so that you do not have to worry about students being exposed to any part of the extermination process.

Steps to Help Reduce Pests in your Secondary Schools

Pests need food, water, and shelter to survive. Schools provide a great source of shelter and water, and it is almost impossible to eliminate those factors. However, you can take steps to reduce the amount of food available to those pests.

First, limit dining to specified dining areas. The more places that students are allowed to eat, the more potential places to attract rodents. Keep that dining area clean. Students should clean up after themselves after every meal, and the dining area should be thoroughly cleaned as soon as student meals are finished. All trash should be properly disposed of, outside the school, in a secure trash facility, on a daily basis. If your students have lockers, you should have them clean them weekly.

Ready to find out more? Contact Flick Anticimex NZ today. We can arrange to come to your school facility and inspect it. We will provide a personalized plan, designed specifically for your school facility and the risks we see during our inspection. We will provide price information, as well as a detailed monitoring plan. You already have so much to worry about handling a school; let the professionals worry about handling the pest control.

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