Do you think you have mice in your house? If you suspect that you do, you probably do. In fact, it is far more likely that you have mice with no signs of mice than it is that you think you have mice but do not have them. That is because mice are small creatures. They can invade your home without leaving much evidence of their presence.

However, while it can be easy to miss signs of mice, there are ways to spot them. While mice like to stay hidden during the day, you will often see evidence that they are in your home or office.

Mice droppings at home

Mice droppings are probably the most common sign that you have mice. Mouse droppings are 3 to 8mm in length. They are small and dark. You may often find these droppings in hidden spaces or along walls.

Scratching is another sign you have mice or other pests. Do you hear scratching sounds in your walls or in your ceiling? If so, it could be mice. If you have cats, you may also notice them paying particular attention to a spot in your walls. They could be noticing a mouse hidden in your walls.

Rodent rub marks in your home

Another tell-tale sign of mice is grease marks. These grease marks are caused by them brushing against walls or floors on their regular routes. They have grease in their fur, which can turn into smears. So, look for these trails.

Mice leave a continuous trail of urine. They cannot help it, as they are incontinent. So, you may notice these trails of urine. You can also see mounds of dirt and urine. They can be up to 4cm high and 1 cm wide. You may see the urine. You may also just smell it. Mouse urine smells musty and acrid. So, if you have unusual smells in the home, it could be mice.

Of course, you may find mouse nests. These nests are usually in dark, hidden spots. Mice steal materials like fabric and papers to line their nests and make them soft.

Finally, have you seen mice? If you have, then you certainly have mice. It is possible to have a single mouse in your house. However, the reality is that if you have seen a mouse, you almost certainly have multiple mice in your house. So, if you see even a single mouse, it is time to call an exterminator. At Flick, we can evaluate the seriousness of your rodent problem and plan an effective extermination plan.

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