The influx of children, open doors, and people eating on the premises can attract a bunch of pests. Schools also provide the other things pests need to live; shelter and water. That is why it is very important to control pests in primary schools.

What types of pests are likely in primary schools?

Rodents are one of the biggest risks. While they are unlikely to hitchhike on children or staff into the school, they can easily sneak into school buildings. Rodents are able to access buildings through very small openings, and they can easily scurry through temporary openings. The open doors and windows of a school provide plenty of potential entrances. Rodents are particularly scary in a school environment. Not only do they pose a risk of disease, but they can also physically harm students. They also make people very uncomfortable. No one wants their kids at a school with rodents.

Cockroaches are another major pest in primary schools. They are attracted to crumbs and waste, especially if students are eating in classrooms or storing their food in classrooms. Cockroaches can be very beneficial parts of the ecosystem when they are outside, but quickly become pests in a school setting. They can spread disease and contaminate food sources. Also, like roaches, they have a high ick factor and can easily freak out students and their parents.

Fleas and lice are two other significant pests in schools. While cockroaches and rodents may come from outside, fleas and lice are usually hitchhiking pests. They come in on students or staff and get passed from student-to-student. They are two of the worst pests you can have in your school environment because kids can take them home with them. That means that you can face multiple infestations if you ever have a flea or lice problem.

SMART Digital Pest Control for Primary Schools

At Flick Anticimex NZ, we focus on pest prevention and extermination. Our SMART system is designed to provide 24/7 active monitoring. We place our monitors in hard-to-reach and hidden places, so they can spot pests where they hide. They report pest activity back to us, allowing responsive pest control. We move traps to areas of high activity to speed up the pest control process.

We also comply with all applicable regulations. Pest control in primary schools needs to be effective, but also safe for primary school kids. We use local bait in non-toxic traps, which means that there is no risk of cross contamination by poison. You can use our system safely in your primary schools, while still getting the results you need for pest control. Contact us to find out more.

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