The German and American cockroach are found throughout Christchurch, from New Brighton to Yaldhurst, Belfast to Halswell. They are notoriously hard to eradicate without professional help.

Why do cockroaches invade homes in Christchurch?

There are 15 native cockroach species in Aotearoa, including the wingless bush cockroach that lives under logs and in leaf litter. But it’s the introduced species that love our homes. Cockroaches invade homes in the wider Canterbury region looking for warmth, shelter, water and food. They’re nocturnal, which is why seeing one in the daytime may mean signs of a much larger infestation.

Tight, dark spots, such as under the fridge and even inside coffee machines, are perfect breeding grounds for cockroaches. Each female can lay four to eight egg capsules in her lifetime, each containing 30 to 40 eggs. Treating the next generation of cockroaches is so important for eradicating these pests.

Cockroach infestations can be dangerous. Asthmatics can be allergic to a protein found in cockroaches and their faeces, shell and digestive juices. They also spread diseases such as salmonella. This is because they eat a range of foods, such as faeces to cooked or raw food for human consumption.

How to stop cockroaches from coming inside our homes

Sealing cracks in walls and the foundations can reduce the number of cockroaches entering your home.

A clean and dry home has less cockroaches because they have less to eat and drink. Regularly sweep up crumbs and dust, especially under the fridge and any other tight, dark places they could be lurking. Dispose of the rubbish daily and make sure the lid is tight on the bin. Wipe dry the kitchen sink at night before going to bed as they emerge looking for a drink. If cockroaches have no food or water, they look for shelter somewhere else.

But, the best way to stop cockroaches breeding in your home is by getting professional help.

Flick will tailor the treatment according to the cockroach species and infestation. They may need to apply a residual spray and gel baits to target the next generation. The egg capsules are usually laid in tight crevices and are very hard to target with an on the spot treatment. That’s why our technicians treat cockroach infestations with a long term plan.

Spraying for cockroaches is a short term fix. To get rid of cockroaches once and for all, you need professionals to treat the nest with a long term solution.

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