While New Zealand may not have as many spiders as nearby Australia, we do have about 2500 different species of spiders. Most of them are relatively harmless. Even if they do bite, the bites are either nonvenomous or only create minor issues. However, there are three spiders in New Zealand that have bites that can cause serious health problems.

The katipo, the redback, and the white-tailed spider are three species that are potentially very dangerous. The katipo and the redback spider are the only venomous spiders in New Zealand. They are not as dangerous as spiders in other areas. Only adult females can bite. Bites are rare. If you do get bitten, there are available anti-venoms that can help. As a result, the bites rarely cause serious injuries.

The white tailed spider is known as a biter, and its bites are fairly common. These spiders often hide in homes, which means that they may bite if they are provoked. However, because they are not venomous, their bites are not considered poisonous. It can be tricky to tell what kind of spider bite you have or even if you have a spider bite. The red, itchy, inflamed bumps are similar to other types of insect bites. So, if you are concerned that a spider bite is getting bigger, is ulcerating, or seems to be causing other physical symptoms, it is important to get medical attention.

While New Zealand spiders may not pose the same threat as spiders in nearby Australia, the reality is that no one wants to deal with a spider bite. Flick can help.

Did you know that if you see spiders, spiders are probably not your main pest problem? Spiders are what we consider a secondary pest. Because they eat other insects, spiders are only going to show up in your home if they have a food source. So, if you see spiders, it means you have other bugs.

Fortunately, that also means that if you see spiders, you can help get rid of them by getting rid of their food source. When Flick treats your home or business for spiders, we do not just focus on getting rid of the spiders. We target the pests that are attracting the spiders. The result is a home that is pest-free, not just spider free.

Why is that important? Well, it is important because spiders are actually our pest control helpers. They kill tons of pests. If we were able to target just spiders, your result would be a home with more pests.

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