While birds are unlikely to attack you and pose any danger, the reality is that flocks of birds can do substantial damage to your home, automobiles, and even to your health. That is why it is important to discourage birds from nesting on your home. However, if you have tried the DIY remedies and seen them fail, you may think bird control efforts are all destined for failure.

Why DIY is Not Successful for Pest Bird Situations

Why do so many home remedies for birds fail? First, birds are extremely intelligent animals. While we may use the “bird brain” insult to describe a human who is not very bright, the reality is that birds are smart animals. They are social animals with problem-solving skills and surprisingly long memories. That means that they are often able to look at problems and find solutions. For them, your efforts to block them from roosting or nesting on your property are just problems.

In addition, many of the products sold as DIY bird deterrents are just not good enough for the problem. For example, widely available bird netting may not be tough enough to withstand large groups of birds. Even if it is, you have to install it correctly for it to work. Any mistakes in your installation offer birds a way to defeat your pest control system.

At Flick, we are experts in pest control, including pest bird control. We employ a range of options against your bird problem. The most important thing we do is assess your situation. No two problems are the same, which means that we cannot deploy a one-size-fits-all approach and expect it to work. Instead, we look at your property to determine what type of bird deterrents are needed for your problem. Then, we custom design the solution. We use bird netting, shock systems, spikes, eagle eye systems, tension wires, Daddi Long Legs, and more to provide a maximum deterrent effect. In the event of serious infestations, we can even consider bird baiting, but that is a last resort option that we only employ when an infestation is overwhelming.

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