If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, you already know you have to follow a long list of rules and standards. Under GMP guidelines, you the facilities that process pharmaceuticals have rigid guidelines. They may have clean rooms to prevent cross contamination and ensure product purity. Under these rigid conditions, pest control may be an afterthought. That is because many of the same precautions that ensure your production facility meets standards also work to exclude pests.

Establishing a Perimeter

However, even clean rooms are vulnerable to pests. There was an episode of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory where some birds got into the clean room. It happened because someone left a door open, but the show did comically highlight how pests could contaminate a clean room.

The fact is that, no matter how well protected your clean room is, if humans are involved, there is always the possibility of human error. At Flick, we take an integrated approach to pest control around your commercial property. We strengthen the perimeter to exclude as many pests as possible. Then we target and treat pests on the property, to further reduce the risk.


While your production facility may be a sealed cleanroom environment, your warehouse is probably not. By their very nature, warehouses must have large enough openings to allow for the shipment of items. Anytime you have warehouse doors, shipping, and storage of products, you have the potential for pests.

At Flick, we approach this problem from outside of the building. There are many strategies and tools we can incorporate to reduce or eliminate pests on the outside of the building. In turn, that reduces the chance that pests will breach your facility.

Of course, our pest control efforts do not stop at the door. We also have an array of techniques we employ to focus on prevention and elimination in the warehouse. One of those is our SMART system. SMART offers 24/7 remote monitoring of pests. We combine it with targeted pest control, designed to prevent infestations, target pests in early stages, and detect pests before they can become a problem.

Protect Your Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals means living up to exacting standards. That is why your pest control company should have equally high standards. Contact Flick to find out more about our commitment to excellence. We can save you money and help you ensure the purity of your product from manufacture all the way through shipping.

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